Rangers Summer Football Camp 2014.

We hope you all can attend our Summer Football camp which will be running from Saturday 24th May to 12th July for 8 weeks.  We finish the week before the year 5 BWCI tournament.

Available for all children from pre reception to year 6, it will be at the usual venue of St Sampsons High School on the playing fields, so we can have 8 weeks of summer football on a lovely grass pitch. During the 8 weeks, we will occasionally play some silly football based games to keep the kids interested and liven things up. 

The World Cup starts on 12th June, so I am sure we will weave this into the football summercamp and we will be also running some prize draws each week too for a bit of fun.

It will run from 10.00 am to 11.30 am, although the pre-recep, reception and year 1s will probably finish after an hour as they get tired

If your child has started football in the winter and their interest waned slightly as the weather turned, the summer camp is an ideal time to get them back into football.  Also, if they have friends at other clubs who fancy trying our summercamp, bring them along as you get a discount (details below). 

The cost will be £35 for the remaining 7 weeks and there will be a discount of £10 each for siblings (£60 for 2, £90 for 3).

Summer football is a good time to encourage new players, so the same £10 discount will be available those children who bring along a non Rangers friend along to summercamp.   The new player will pay the full £40, but the introducing Rangers player will only pay £30.

I have working on a new online registration and payment system over the last months, so I will send details out via email at weekend.  You can of course still use a paper form and cheque or cash, but the paperless and cashless system will be so much easier.

This email is being sent from that system, and for all future Rangers enquiries, bookings, subs, kit and training info we will now be using the email address.  Myself, Darren, Lorraine and Yvonne all have access to the email account, so all emails can be answered by the appropriate person.

I will send another email towards the end of the week with details of how to register and pay and also paper forms if you need them.

Hope you all get this info! Will post on Facebook as well.

Summercamp Registration form below


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Further details on Rangers Minis can be obtained by contacting Minis Co-ordinator


In addition to updates on the website, please always check the minis hotline on 12017
(to be updated by 9:00 am on Saturdays). For more information please call the Minis Hotline on 12017.

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General Tournament note- please do continue to positively support your children and their team mates from the sidelines. However please leave direct coaching and instruction during the game to your child's coach.

Polite Reminder - Please remember- no smoking on site, no pooches and place litter in bins provided.

Child Protection Policy

Rangers Minis

The SPIRIT of Rangers Minis best outlines the core values believed to benefit your little star whilst part of Rangers Minis.


Your little star’s first introduction to the great game.
A chance to learn basic skills which will develop and improve season after season.
Rangers believes in ‘inclusive’ football for all.
Rangers recognises that not all young stars will develop physically and technically at the same rate as peers of a similar age.
Rangers’ response to this reality is to guage your star’s abilities and ensure they are encouraged to be the very best they can be.
Rangers Minis provide experienced and trained coaches to deliver structured training to your stars in a safe environment, where the focus is on being the best you can be as an individual player and as a member of a team.