updated 1st September 2015

2015 - 16 season kicks off

Saturday 5th September

10am at Memorial Field

Use our online registration system!  The link is below, simply select the year group and follow the instructions.  Very simple!  Click the ball to register

If you need to order kit, drop me an email or use the form below.  I use a form for this because I give it to the printer ensuring no mistakes are made when naming shirts.  Payment please by Paypal, or cheques and cash.

Kit Order form below

Further details on Rangers Minis email


 Minis hotline on 12017

(to be updated by 9:00 am on Saturdays). For more information please call the Minis Hotline on 12017.

Photographs and Videos
It is important to note most people watching football own smart phones which are able to take good quality photographs and videos and obviously we have limited control over this. Unlike controlled environments like swimming events at Beau Sejour, any Guernsey football club is unable to guarantee that your child will not be photographed or videod at some point during training or at local tournaments, and obviously we have no control over those images and videos. For the avoidance of doubt, you should assume that if your child is on or around a football pitch in Guernsey, it is probable that they will photographed or videoed at some point during the season. It is also reasonable to assume that those photographs and videos will be shared on social media by the parents and friends of children. This is a fact of life in 2015.